4D Ultrasound

The ultrasound allows expectant mothers and their family and friends to see the unborn baby on a large colour plasma screen. We typically see the baby move and change its facial expressions, yawn, suck or even smile and move its hands and feet.

This is a special bonding experience and is conducted in a relaxed, comfortable environment for your enjoyment. We will provide a DVD of the whole experience as well as CD and still pictures, for the whole family to enjoy!

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4D Pregnancy Ultrasound

3D ultrasound shows a three dimensional picture of the baby. In the 4D the last dimension is time, meaning the baby is shown moving in real-time. 4D ultrasound uses the same sound waves as conventional ultrasound. There has been no evidence to suggest risk to mother or baby.


The price of the whole package is $200 (inc. GST). This includes live 4D scanning and a DVD of the whole experience which can be played on a DVD player at home. We will also provide ultrasound prints and a CD of still images that can be viewed, emailed to friends or printed.

Payment is on the day of the service. We accept cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard and Bankcard.

Unfortunately there is no Medicare rebate available.


Does this replace my 21 week scan?

No. You must have had a 21 week doctor referred scan before having your 4D scan. If you had this elsewhere please let our receptionist know. 4D is not a medical test. We require you to sign a consent prior to the scan.

When is the best time for a 4D scan?

The best results are obtained between 26-29 weeks. Due to the baby’s position, sometimes we are not successful in demonstrating the facial features. As all pregnancies are different, so is the 4D scan. The quality depends on the baby’s position and the amount of fluid around the baby.

Over 30 weeks, the 4D scan is not always successful due to restricted fetal movements. If this is the case a reduced fee will be charged (no free re-scan).

Best results for twins are at 26 weeks, however due to fetal positioning we may not be able to obtain good images of the faces of both babies.

Who scans me?

You will be scanned by an experienced sonographer using the latest technology.

Can you tell me the sex of the baby?

If you wish to know the sex of the baby, we will always try to find out. We will never ruin the surprise if you do not wish to know!

What happens if you see an abnormality?

This is not a medical test, and this is why we require a 19 week scan to be performed prior to 4D. If we do see a problem we will always discuss with you and with permission, inform your doctor.

Do I need a full bladder?

You do not need a full bladder for your 4D scan. We ask that you drink plenty of water on the two days prior to the scan as we find this gives us better images on the day.

Any other questions?

Please call one of our friendly reception staff who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

A Family Experience

4D ultrasound is an experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family. At Clearview Radiology we encourage you to bring up to four members of your family or friends to enjoy this unique experience with you.

Our service can be enjoyed in a relaxed non medical environment, with friendly and professional staff. We offer a flat screen monitor to view this amazing technology.

CHILDREN: Husbands or other support persons are welcome during the scan. Older children may also find the scan interesting. However, children of under 5 years are rarely able to relate to images produced on the screen and usually become bored. If they then seek your attention your own enjoyment and involvement in the scan will be diminished.