Patient Preparation

Neck/Thyroid No preparation
Breast No preparation
Testicular No preparation
Pelvic Full bladder
Obstetric Bladder 1/2 full (drink approximately 1/2 litre).
Patients can purchase a DVD of their 21 week scan for $30.00.
CHILDREN: Husbands or other support persons are welcome during the scan. Older children may also find the scan interesting. However, children of under 5 years are rarely able to relate to images produced on the screen and usually become bored. If they then seek your attention your own enjoyment and involvement in the scan will be diminished.
Renal/Bladder Full bladder.
– No preparation for children up to 6 years of age.
– Children 6-12 years drink 2 large glasses of water 1 hour prior to examination.
Abdominal Fast for 6 hours, water allowed
Vascular/Doppler Arteries or veins – no preparation.
3/4D Ultrasound Baby ultrasound, cost $200.
No doctor’s referral needed.
Musculoskeletal Joints/Muscles No preparation required.
Bone Density (DEXA) No zips or buttons, wear loose fitting clothes, slip-on shoes. Cease any calcium supplement 24 hours prior to examination.
Ultrasound Guided Steroid Injections Please check at time of booking
Ultrasound Guided Biopsy Please check at time of booking