Bone Densitometry

A bone density scan uses a dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry scan (DXA) to show information about bone strength and the risk of fracture or broken bones. The higher your bone density, the lower the risk of fracture.

Bone densitometry is most often used to diagnose Osteoporosis and if a treatment plan is necessary for prevention.

The procedure is very simple. During the scan the patient lies on their back on the bed and machine will pass over them. The lower spine and hips or forearm are scanned.

As many conditions affecting bone density affect the whole skeleton, an image of a few areas is enough to demonstrate the overall bone density.

Who Is Eligible for a bulk billed scan?

All patients who meet the Medicare criteria are bulk billed at ClearView Radiology. A referral is required from your doctor or specialist.


No preparation is required for this procedure.

It is helpful to wear slip on shoes and clothing without zips, buttons, belts and buckles.